Partner- und Kundenzufriedenheit

Dear Friends !
I will wait for You Monday, 7.10.2013 from 6.p.m.,
after a hard ANUGA day at FRUEH near Koelner Dom!!!

Cölner Hofbräu P. Josef Früh KG
Am Hof 12-18
50667 Köln

Happy to see You and to have some KOELSCH
and something to eat with You !!!

I met Dr. Hartmut Keller, owner of KC d.o.o., the first time on Anuga 2009 on the Serbian stand where he was working with a lot of Serbian producers of IQF Fruits and Vegetables. Back in Serbia we met as fast as possible and a good and very intensive partnership began which developed into a strong friendship as well. Dr. Hartmut Keller has very good contacts to partners in the EU and he knows very well how to negotiate and to organize. He is very sympathetic, reliable and knows exactly what he wants. He is very engaged and experienced in business and never stops trying to help and reach the defined aims with growing success.

Boris Obradovic LAKI d.o.o

During the years of our friendship and work, no matter what are the current problems in business, which are normal, we always had respect and understanding from Mr. Hartmut and his company and of course, we have respect for Mr. Hartmut and his company............we are proud and very pleased that we met him and that we know him.

Jovan Zdrnja - "NITEFRI" d.o.o

Dear Mr. Keller
It is our great pleasure that we meet through business cooperation and after a while became friends. Work is made by people and unfortunately the good people every day is less on this planet. You are one of those good people, and I thank you for that.
We very much appreciate your efforts and enthusiasm in the marketing of products from Serbia to the Germany, Austria and other EU countries..

Futura Ltd. dr. Zoltan Perlaki
Pancina 13
11000 Beograd, SRBIJA

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